Camellia Developments is committed to the wellbeing of its people and has established the following major policy that covers the key area of safety.

This policy is the Camellia Developments commitment to:

– Complying with legislation, codes and guidelines;

– The safety of employees, visitors, contractors and the public who are affected by
the Company’s activities;

– Constantly strive to identify hazards in relation to safety or health and eliminate
or reduce risks;

– Ongoing reduction of incidents and injuries to the workforce with the aim of
zero harm

The policy relies on these safety principles:

– Ongoing development of a culture that has safety as a core value;

– Prevention of injuries;

– Camellia Developments will be an industry leader in health and safety performance through innovative solutions and compliance with legislation;

– Working safely is a condition of employment;

– Employees and contractors can improve safety in their workplace by not
accepting unsafe behaviours;

– Camellia Developments is committed to consultation with its workforce through health and safety committees and other consultative forums when it comes to safety;

– All staff will be provided with the knowledge, awareness and resources
required to meet their safety responsibilities.

“Safety is everybody's responsibility”



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